Thursday, January 13, 2011

SEO Tips Part 1

This is part 1 of my SEO Tips series. I am going to list 5 SEO tips in each post, for those who will benefit from them:

SEO Tips #1
Include your keyword into your Title tag wherever possible. But don't spam your title with keywords.

SEO Tips #2
Before registering your domain, do a keyword research. Once you have identified your keyword, include your keyword into your domain.

SEO Tips #3
Use the H1 tag sparingly to highlight your contents' titles. As the tips before, try using your keywords into your title.

SEO Tips #4
Do not keyword spam your article. This can be discovered by the search engines and your website could be penalized.

SEO Tips #5
Based on my experience, articles of at least 500 words tend to rank easier compared to shorter articles. This is just my perception and I could be wrong.

I hope these are useful, do come back for Part 2.

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